Lover Lab in the media

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UMass Press Releases, Publications, and Campus Events

UMass Press Release “UMass Amherst Looks Ahead to Spring, Having Established a Proven Infrastructure to Test for COVID-19 and Protect Public Health”- Dec. 10, 2020

Computational Social Science Initiative “COVID-19, College Campuses, and Contact Tracing”- November 19, 2020

Med-life Science News “UMass Amherst epidemiologist receives NIH grant to develop new tick surveillance method”- September 25, 2020

SciX “Scientists to develop new surveillance method for tick-borne disease transmission”- September 25, 2020

UMass Press Release “A New Twist on Public Health Tick Surveillance”- September 24, 2020

UMass Press Release “New UMass Amherst COVID-19 Dashboard Launched”- August 26, 2020

UWW/Alumni Relations/School of Public Health and Health Sciences “Special Forum: Moving Forward: COVID-19 Reopening Pathways”- August 12, 2020

UMass Press Release “UMass Amherst Study Underway to Estimate Coronavirus Exposure on Campus and Across State”- July 9, 2020

UMass Press Release “Federal Grants Support Research to Improve Pandemic Forecasting” - July 1, 2020

UMass Magazine “A Virus Changes Everything”- Spring 2020

UMass Life Science Cafe “Covid-19 Panel featuring University of Massachusetts faculty” - May 7, 2020

UMass Institute for Applied Life Sciences “COVID-19 Town Hall and Q&A-Recap, plus Sero-Mass study”- April 24, 2020

School of Public Health and Health Sciences “State’s COVID-19 Response Gets Vital Assistance from School of Public Health and Health Sciences at UMass Amherst”- April 1, 2020

School of Public Health and Health Sciences “Gerber Leads SPHHS Effort to Assist State”- March 27, 2020

UMass News Office “Portable AI Device Turns Coughing Sounds Into Health Data for Flu Forecasting”- March 19, 2020

Daily Collegian “Scholars dissect COVID-19 at Amherst College roundtable”- March 5, 2020