Current Courses

EPI633- Infectious Disease Epidemiology

This graduate-level course provides an in-depth theoretical and applied foundation on the concepts, principles and domain knowledge of infectious disease epidemiology. It focuses on three main areas:

PH390V- Pathogens, People and Politics

This undergraduate elective course explores the interactions and impacts of human behavior, politics, and policy on the emergence, transmission and persistence of infectious diseases in a global context. The course consist of case studies which combine lectures, structured class discussions, and multimedia content.

These case studies focus on three central themes:

HPP597- Navigating the COVID-19 reopening pathway (Summer 2020)

The current COVID-19 (‘coronavirus’) pandemic is an unprecedented public health crisis, with major impacts across all sectors of society. This intensive continuing education course will cover fundamental aspects of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 epidemiology and control; public health systems; infectious disease epidemiology; and an ‘all-sectors’ approach to pandemic response. The course will consist of interactive lectures, structured class discussions, multimedia content, and practical workshops.

Course objectives